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Website design FAQ. Find answers to some of our most common questions...

  1. Will a Pixel Tree website save me time?
  2. Your time is precious, and better spent developing your business, or following your dreams. A web site is an important element of a business, and one that should be entrusted to the experts, like us! Spend your time doing what you do best, and we’ll save you valuable time, by taking care of your web site.

  3. How will my new web site help me stand out?
  4. Our web site projects are created from the ground up. We design and develop the web site per your specific needs. Don’t fall into the trap of the “Do it yourself” web site generator. They are time consuming and generic, and you run the risk of failing to complete the project, or having errors that may be difficult to fix. Our web sites are custom made, unique, and will stand out from the crowd.

  5. I have a set budget for my web site, I need a fixed price.
  6. Our web site packages come with fixed prices for your peace of mind. While there are always unique variables for each customer, the cost of design, development and bringing your site to life is fixed. Once you know the price, you can choose any additional features, graphics or customisations you’d like.

  7. What is SEO?
  8. Search Engine Optimisation is about ensuring your site’s is structure and content is compliant with common internet standards so that higher rankings can be achieved in search engines.

  9. I want to be first on Google (and so do we!)
  10. All sites created by us are structured in accordance with modern SEO practices. Some of our packages include additional options to increase the site's chances of higher rankings on search engines. We do not sell promises of 1st page rankings to our customers. Many factors impact on a site’s ranking and it is an extremely competitive and expensive practice depending on your industry. We are happy to provide realistic advice on SEO and AdWords matters. Beware of those promising 1st page rankings on Google.

  11. Will my website look good on desktops as well as mobile?
  12. We use responsive design when we create our websites so they look good on the widest range of modern screen sizes. We will work closely with you during the design and development stage to ensure a consistent message about your brand is conveyed no matter what device your customer uses. As a standard we test our sites from Desktop 1920 x 1080 pixels down to iPhone 5. Other screen sizes can be tested on request.

  13. What if I have an issue after my site goes live?
  14. We offer ongoing service and support with all our sites, for six (6) months after the date they go live on the internet. We are always happy to provide advice, and attend to any issues or concerns after the web site is live. Service and support does not include content or design changes once the site is live.

  15. Can I purchase web hosting for domain names from The Pixel Tree?
  16. We do not directly provide these services, however we can purchase them through a third party on your behalf, or assist you with the purchase. Many people find this part of the process complicated, so we are happy to help. We will upload your completed site to your chosen host, free of charge. We do not take any responsibility for issues with third party hosting or domain services.

  17. How can I collaborate with you during the design process?
  18. We use a range of visual tools to help conceptualise and develop the design of your web site and its key elements. You must have internet and email access to collaborate with us throughout the project. This is vital to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

  19. What Creative Services do you offer?
  20. Our experience in web design has shown us that web development projects can stall when the client needs images, graphics, videos and other content for their web site. We can source many of these items from third party providers on your behalf, and assist you with finding a provider when specific custom content is required. This will ensure the overall project remains on track and budget.

  21. Have another question?
  22. Get in touch with us here.

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